Happy Labor Day weekend!  We hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!  We would love to hear how you are feeling and living with RxCOMMEND.  Email us at [email protected]  In todays blog, we want to share some of those testimonies from our customers.  Check it out!

"The daily grind of motherhood and a career causes so much anxiety and sleep deprivation. RxCommend has truly been life changing. It has improved my anxiety and I am sleeping better than ever before. I love that RxCommend uses all of the purest ingredients so I am confident of what is going into my body. I would recommend this product to anyone!"  ~C.M.

"The products are amazing!  The quality is amazing!  I was having trouble sleeping for multiple reasons and the oils really helped me relax.  I woke up refreshed because my sleep wasn't interrupted with racing thoughts.  I highly recommend!"   ~J.R.

"Jenny started taking CBD for her health & then started formulating her own products in order to ensure both premium ingredients & processing.  I decided to try it because I thought, 'what's there to lose?...I'm pretty miserable as is!' I quickly noticed that I started to feel better, had less severe symptoms & was able to enjoy some glorious, glorious sleep!!!  So, if you're battling pain, anxiety, or other ailments, check out RxCOMMEND!  I highly recommend."   ~L.T.

"When my friend with chronic autoimmune disease told me how RxCommend's CBD oil "gave her back her life," I was skeptical. I have been dealing with extreme fatigue and nerve pain for decades and figured that I've tried everything (including other brands of CBD oil).  She bought me a bottle to try and after a couple of weeks I had to back down the dosage because I was staying up late happily working on projects until 2-3 o'clock in the morning. I cut back my dose a bit and I still feel great and I'm back to sleeping my comfy 9 hours a night.  I can think much better, my pain is cut down by 2/3s and I'm making future plans for the first time in decades because I know I'll be able to follow through.  I'm so grateful for this product. I recommend it to everyone I know." ~K.K.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old. Post surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy, my body can feel like it’s 50 years older than it really is. The chronic pain and inflammation can hit unexpectedly and disrupt the day. I have been taking CBD oil from RxCommend and my pain and inflammation is lessened and my joints just feel more greased up.” ~J.O.

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