How it works: For every dollar you spend, you will receive that same amount of points to earn free product!

$1.00 = 1 point

For example, if you purchase a bottle of gummies for $58, you will receive 58 points!  Another example, is if your total order comes to $120 (which includes all the discounts), you will earn 120 points.  Your order total equals the amount of points earned.   

How to redeem your points: You will see a "Purchase with Reward Points" button on your listing page along with the regular "Add to Cart" button.  The listing page appears when you click on the actual product you are interested in buying.  So, you can redeem with your points if you click on “Purchase with Reward Points” or if you don't want to use your points, just add it to your cart like normal.  You must be logged into your account for this "Purchase with Reward Points" to appear.  And, you can log into your account to view your accrued points!


1. Buy product ($1.00 = 1 point)

2. New account signup = earn 20 points

3. Newsletter signup = earn 20 points

4. Posting a product review = earn 20 points

5. Referral link to a friend = earn 20 points


          RxCOMMEND product     Total points needed to earn it for free

          Roll-On Gel                       500 points

          Relief Cream                     500 points

          Gummies                          500 points

          500mg CBD Tincture          500 points

          1000mg CBD Tincture        900 points

          1000mg CBG Tincture        900 points

Earn Rewards!